About the teacher

Ciao, sono Daniela. Piacere!

My story

Ciao, my name is Daniela Gentile, I am a certified and experienced teacher of Italian as a second language.


After my studies in Italy, I taught Italian in the Netherlands for 6 years (2014-2020), first in Enschede and then in Groningen. During this valuable period abroad I met so many people in love with Italy. People interested in learning the language but also in discovering habits and culture.


While teaching, studying and discussing, I found myself rediscovering my own country from a different point of view. While sharing Italy with my students, I became more aware of my own culture and identity. As so often happens, you fully understand the real value of something when you see it from a distance. 

With fond memories of the Netherlands, in February 2020 I decided to continue this journey back in Italy and to invest in the region I love: Abruzzo. In today's hectic world I took a crosscurrent choice. I decided to live in a place whose richness lies in the diversity of flora, fauna and nature; in the cultural heritage; in the precious traditions passed down from generation to generation; in the power of small communities.


L'Aquila is my new home now. I like to think that my courses can give a small contribution to the vitality of this ancient city. 


I am looking forward to sharing with you the beauties of L'Aquila, the sorrounding medieval villages and the cultural traditions, during my indoor and outdoor Italian lessons in Abruzzo... or online!

I am sure you will fall in love with these places...

My studies


  • Master's degree in Linguistics (La Sapienza Università di Roma)
  • Refresher courses for teachers of Italian as a second language (various organizations in Italy and Netherlands).














What does "Gentilmente" mean?

Gentilmente in Italian means “kindly, gently”.

I chose this name for my project first, because it’s a play on words on my surname (Gentile means "kind, gentle").

Then, because I believe that a good environment and atmosphere is essential to learn a language. I teach Italian gentilmente, giving confidence to my students, creating a confortable space where they feel completely free of experimenting with the language and making mistakes.


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