My teaching vision

During my studies I was trained to teach Italian from stimulating and experienced teachers well known in the field of modern language didactics, such as the ones working in the renowned schools Torre di Babele and Dilit in Rome.


I costantly keep myself updated participating in refresher courses about new didactic techniques and approaches: in particular, the global approach and the task-oriented approach.




Tell me and I forget. 
Teach me and I remember. 
Involve me and I learn.

B. Franklin


That is why my Italian lessons are based on these principles:

  • In class, the students and I speak as much Italian as possible, in a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere, so that they feel free enough to speak Italian from the very beginning.
  • The student is at the center of the learning process, therefore he/she has an active role and has the opportunity to make mistakes and to learn from them. Making mistakes is important; in fact it is even essential!
  • The activities proposed in the lessons requires the use of the mind, but also of the body. Learning by moving through the classroom is very effective and also fun.
  • The activities have a practical purpose. The students focus not only on the form of language, but especially on achieving tasks. In this way they acquire new skills in the language in an effective way .
  • Learners improve when they are motivated. That is why I choose activities that can constantly keep the involvement and attention high.
  • At the end of course the participants leave the classroom with more knowledge of the language and culture, but also with special memories and a great experience.

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