What my students say...

Jessica (Uden - Netherlands - 2022)

I've been taking Italian lessons from Daniela for several months now via Zoom. It is fun, playful and varied. I soon managed to understand Italian better and better and speaking for myself is also becoming easier. I feel more confident to speak and I learn from making mistakes. Daniela helps me a lot with my pronunciation. She is very approachable and pleasant. Looking forward to my classes after the holidays!

(Valerie - Tucson - Arizona - 2021)

I have enjoyed every minute of my Zoom classes with Daniela! She is kind, funny and thankfully patient. She has also given me something to look forward to during this crazy time in the world. Learning a new language is not easy, but she has made it fun and interesting. I can't believe how much I have been able to learn since starting. I highly recommend Daniela if you are thinking about her courses.

Esther (Amsterdam - Netherlands - 2021)
Italian lessons with Daniela are fun every time. She gives varied lessons via Zoom: grammar, games, reading stories and quizzes... everything is discussed. Personally, I found speaking Italian a lot more difficult than reading and understanding it, but now by speaking every time it's getting better and better.

I can recommend Daniela's Italian lessons to anyone.

Anette and Conrad (Abruzzo - Italy - 2021)

A very good way of learning Italian - no matter your starting level. Daniela is a fantastic teacher and a very nice person, always prepared and very pedagogical, and we can highly recommend taking a course with her.

Ingmar (Groningen - Netherlands- 2020)

I've followed the Italian course A1.1 to learn the basics of the language through Daniela's Gentilmente. The course has a very practical approach and it invites the course members to participate in speaking and writing Italian from day one. Daniela ensures that you feel at home and encourages you to practice. As a native speaker she also teaches you about Italian culture along the way. I find she is a very dedicated and capable teacher. In the end, the atmosphere in our group was very good and the motivation to continue learning high, proven by the fact that a large majority signed up for a follow up course. I recommend Gentilmente to anyone who is interested in learning Italian, regardless of your nationality.

Egberdien (Groningen - Netherlands - 2020)

Daniela is a very good teacher. The lessons are varied. The work forms contemporary. The book, the reading book and the supporting material help you to master Italian in a playful way. If you regularly practice, you will be surprised how quickly you can have conversations in Italian.

Bashar and Wesen (Groningen - Netherlands - 2020)

Great fun and nice, yet motivational and not heavy way of learning. We enjoyed it and we can highly recommend it.

Freya (Groningen - Netherlands - 2019)

Daniela is a spontaneous Italian who quickly make you feel familiar with the Italian language. The atmosphere in the lessons is relaxed and playful, so you quickly go over 'that narrow threshold' to speak another language and make mistakes. I'm going to move unfortunately otherwise I would have stayed for the rest!

Jesefien and Fred (Groningen - Netherlands - 2019)

Here a recent review of Daniela's lessons in Groningen. We have just taken the first A1 course and have never had such fun language lessons. 2.5 hours seems long, but being active with assignments and games was the time!

Have a nice first base for the summer holidays in Tuscany, we will continue this fall!

Roos (Enschede - Netherlands - 2018)

I had very nice lessons from Daniela! She gives varied lessons. She uses different ways of working with the language. Daniela is a very good, knowledgeable and pleasant teacher.

Carolien (Enschede - Netherlands - 2018)

Daniela gives it so much fun that you can read and speak Italian in a short time!

We have learned so much through games, songs, puzzles, dialogues and grammar. Of course you also had to do homework!

She is a very good teacher!

Franca (Enschede - Netherlands - 2018)

I also followed Daniela's lessons for a year. Due to my Italian background I have quite a large vocabulary, but I was not well informed about the grammar. I've learned so much from Daniela over the past year, especially not to be afraid to speak Italian (and possibly to make mistakes). I've had a lot of fun with that in the past year. It is a pity that Daniela will move to Groningen, because I would have liked to have lessons from her even longer.

Liesbeth (Enschede - Netherlands - 2018)

Last year I followed the lessons of Daniela, a super enthusiastic teacher. The lessons are varied with grammar, exercises in the form of games and dialogues. Everything stands and falls with own effort and home exercises. Daniela is a teacher who accepts and respects that as a student I have not yet mastered the language. A great teacher.

Marjolein (Enschede - Netherlands - 2017)

Learning Italian with Daniela Gentile is the way to open your mouth when you are in Italy. You will learn Italian directly without translating into Dutch. The grammar is taught with as many examples and as few rules as possible.

You are in a cozy environment; while enjoying a cup of real Italian coffee with something to it, you talk, listen, watch Italian movies on the internet, which you can watch later on your own computer. Almost playfully you will learn a lot of interesting things about life in Italy today. The history of this beautiful country is also not forgotten. You can even learn Italian songs.

Every minute of the lesson is worth the money.

Tinka and Corine (Enschede - Netherlands- 2017)

Great way of teaching that finally (together with Corinne) I am ready to speak freely in Italian. Of course at our level!

The diversity of learning through songs, games, cultural facts let learn with pleasure even the most complicated Italian grammar. Recommended!

Sofia (Enschede - Netherlands - 2016)

Absolutely great courses! The general system of learning process is very good composed, plus a very friendly and warm atmosphere makes everything to enjoy it enormously :) thank you Daniela :)

Nadja (Enschede - Netherlands - 2015)

Daniela is a sweet person with a lot of patience, it was nice to be taught by her and you notice that she also loves to teach her language to you. Recommended!

Wim (Enschede - Netherlands - 2015)

Daniela is a great teacher. The lessons are entertaining and educational. You know quite a lot in 13 weeks. Talking is a bit difficult at first but I think I can speak reasonably well with another 13 lessons. In January we will continue with the second course.

So if you want to learn Italian sign up!

Kees (Nijmegen - Netherlands - 2015)

We followed an Italian course in Nijmegen and learned an incredible amount of things from Daniela.
Her method is very effective and it was a pleasure to take lessons from her. I can highly recommend her!

Mara (Enschede - Netherlands - 2015)

Daniela is a very enthusiastic teacher, who prepares the lessons really well, and always brings lots of extra material. I love having lessons from a native speaker, since she knows not only the language, but also the Italian culture and habits.
After the lessons I always feel that I've learned a lot, and have plenty of inspiration to do the homework she gives me ;-)

Miho (Japan - 2014)

Daniela is an excellent teacher. When I studied in Rome she was always very kind and helpful. She always answered all my questions and helped me when I didn't understand the most difficult parts of Italian grammar. I recommend it to anyone who wants to study Italian in a relaxing yet stimulating atmosphere.

Maki (Japan - 2014)

I studied Italian with her in Rome for a few weeks. The lessons were pleasant. I liked her way of teaching, also I liked her personality.

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