Summer School in Abruzzo

A well-rounded Italian experience

What does the Summer School look like?

The Summer School is a very special course. During this intensive week you will talk, taste, socialize and experience the real life in Abruzzo.

  • Daily indoor Italian lessons
  • Outdoor language activities while exploring the surrounding nature and medieval villages
  • Understanding local culture and traditions
  • Cooking traditional recipes
  • Social activities and much more...

Italian lessons

During the morning lessons you will learn various aspects of the language. 
We will do activities focused on a specific topic regarding Abruzzo. 

In this way you will be well prepared for the outdoor activities. 

Outdoor activities

During the outdoor activities you will have the chance to live firts hand what you learned during the morning lessons.

This will include: talking to locals, exploring places, playing games and more. 

Local culture

Discovering the local culture is the focus of the Summer School.

You will become an "abruzzese" for a week!

There will be cooking workshops, local artisans at work and lots of conversation.

© Gentilmente di Daniela Gentile

L'Aquila (Abruzzo) - Italy 

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